The 1st designed to teach you how to improve the conversion rate of Baidu bid

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Now Baidu bidding has become the most direct way to promote a business network, and only you have the money can always ranked in the home. However, the ensuing question is how reasonable to good use account funds to achieve the best promotion.

Today also because we Hangzhou website construction company Bang Rong recently had a lot of customers in response to Baidu open bid but has no effect, so to write such an article you simply say why this happens next and how do we go Handle.

First, we determine the flow accounts are accurate, it is a prerequisite, if not accurate, that there would not be much traffic conversion, so the first thing you must do is to check the quality of our traffic.

If the daily consumption of 3-4 hundred small accounts directly to the statistical background to take a look into our website keyword whether accurate. If the account is relatively bigger emphasis on the word facie Consumer Reports, why there petit account statistics to see Baidu search word in the search because of the small account was not a lot of statistics out there is no specific, direct look at Baidu statistics will a little better, then we say that big account how the investigation, we found high consumption of words account, these words find search terms report to see how these search terms whether accurate.

Here we need to determine the need is: nothing more accurate and inaccurate, so how to solve both cases.

First: no traffic is not accurate conversion. If the traffic does not need to adjust our precise keyword matching pattern, no words in the account is to be deleted on the word, spread the word processing. (Flow: geographical term traffic flow is not good company brand words flow)

Second: the precise problem without conversion. This is also a troublesome issue is that there is no traffic problem is obviously not consulted.

Well, this time we should do for critical correlation analysis:

Site reasons: First, we determine the accuracy of the traffic is no problem, then we need to look at our auction landing page is not relevant, is not our product has a problem, if there is a problem to optimize landing pages.

Outside the station Cause: If the landing page is not a problem if we then continue troubleshooting, look at our competitors landing pages and our own comparison. For example: We are selling a type of P2P platform, the new competitors, the more favorable bids, and we sell the old version of the price is high, and if so we naturally there will be no competition.

Second: industry issues. If the above strategies to make adjustments after consultation or not, then look at the changes in our industry, and if you do there is a seasonal product would certainly have an impact.